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How our little corner of Montgomery came to be

4424 21ST AVE NW

Is an address that will be forever synonymous with the Saracens and this is the story of how it came to be one of our most treasured possessions.

Ken joined the Saracens straight out of high school from Crescent Heights in 1976. He was an outstanding athlete; big, strong, fast, mobile and destructive. He played back row, was always a good jumper and had great hands. He was enthusiastic and a top try scorer.

He loved to play rugby and just wanted to be on the field. He loved the Saracens more.

Back then, the club was renting a basement space on 4th St. Ken built the bar, got the club up and running and eventually ended up being the club manager. He is the one who created the Andy Capp wood  carving that sits on the trophy to this day.

Ken served on the executive numerous times and for a few years as the club president.

He volunteered for everything from clubhouse repairs to helping someone move. He was a rare guy who was always first in line to help if someone needed an extra pair of hands. He was well loved and respected by all who knew him.

In the spring of 1988, the Saracens received the devastating news that Ken had been killed in a car crash. A short time later, the club was amazed to learn that Ken had put the Saracens as the beneficiary in his life insurance - we meant so much to him. Though the club tried to return the money to his family, they refused, saying that his family was really the Saracens and he would have wanted to the club to have it.

With the money the club received, we were able to purchase the land and the clubhouse in Montgomery.

The clubhouse is the legacy that Ken Moffat left the Saracens and it should be treated with the reverence and care that his memory deserves.

Ken lived and died Saracens and ended up being buried in a full Saracen kit, boots and all.

The Ken Moffat Award was created in recognition of his incredible contribution to the Club as a player and as a member.

It represents his love for the Club and his fellow Saracens.

It represents Family.

It is given to the member who best demonstrates those qualities throughout the year, Not necessarily an active play but should be someone who contributes in many ways, someone you can turn to for help, someone who works hard for the club.

It's awarded to the Saracen who exemplifies the same dedication, support and servitude to the club as its namesake.

The clubhouse is the living memory of Ken Moffat and is the heart and soul of the Saracens.

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